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“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” Albert Einstein

I am happy to finally be employed again, but I don’t regret this time away from regular work.  I feel like I’ve made the most of it.

I wrote and took a real stab at publishing a novel.  (Let’s ignore the fact that I did not get back a single positive response from over a dozen submissions, since that takes a bit of the luster off of it.)  I was also featured on the homepage of Cracked.com.  (Again, the article seemed to have been generally disliked by the vocal readers, but I stand by the fact that it picked up over 230,000 views.)  And then there was my short story that got picked up by Morpheus Tales.  (It comes out in 2011, years after it was submitted.)

Oh yes, I’m also going to be a dad in about a month.  (I have no smarmy comments about that fact.  It’s completely perfect.)

I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason, though I should point out that I do not necessarily believe in some heavy-handed element of fate.  Rather, I think that God is great at putting me where I should be when I should be there.  Had any other job opportunity worked out for me in the last 9 months, I never would have had the chance to volunteer at my incredible school.  I would never have picked up three brilliant references from people that observed more of my teaching in 4 months than anyone else has in 4 years of having my own class.  I would have never had the chance to share Emily Rose with two classes full of kids.  I would have missed out on dozens of amazing relationships.

Every other opportunity would have put me on the road for at least an hour a day.  Since that was one of the driving reasons for leaving my last job, it would have been quite a letdown to be killing myself with a commute every day.  With this job, even the most far-flung of the area’s schools are only a 25 minute drive, and that’s dealing with traffic.

I am a sarcastic, grumpy person (an obvious statement of fact).  But even I am left feeling very thankful for having been unemployed.