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Oh happy day! The 5th digit has finally arrived!

Exercising Monsters reached 10,000 hits today.  Having taken the day off sick, I was home to see it roll over that mark, the magical 5 digits that really mean nothing more than the fact that humans happen to be accustomed to a base-10 counting system. Likewise, when August of this year rolls around and I reach the anniversary of the site going up, I will feel some strange, arbitrary pride for having done this continuously over the course of one of the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun.

(Sorry, I’m reading a lot of Asimov these days and it makes me long for a metric calendar and clock system.  And it makes me want an army of sentient robots.)

Internet searches for “exercising monsters” have directed people to this site 125 times.  “Prosciutto,” “miniature horses,” and “bloody names” have sent people here 15, 13, and 12 times respectively.  “Asexual reproduction” has led people to Exercising Monsters 5 times, and “why is my wife kicking me” sent someone here once.  (I assume that she’s kicking you because you are an idiot that needs to search the internet to try to figure out her moods.)

What other numbers can I play with?

There are roughly 46 rotations of the Earth on its axis until Baby is due.  That works out to a little over 1,100 hours, or 67,500 minutes.  Of course, if Baby is anything like her mother, she will not be abiding by any timeframe imposed upon her by anyone else.

When Baby graduates high school, I will be 47.

If she waits until she’s my age to have children of her own, I will be 58.  The year will be 2039.

And so help me, if I don’t own a flying car by that time, I am going to sue Popular Mechanics into the ground.

It was the first Popular Mechanics that I ever read, and it should have been the last. I will never forgive them for telling me, circa 1991, that there would be flying cars by the time I got my driver's license in 1996. You sit on a throne of lies, PM.