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It’s Friday.  Here is my week in review.

  1. A grade 8 student asked me if I was a certified teacher.  I told her that I was.  “Then why are you here?” she asked me, and then, being a lovely girl, she immediately turned red and stammered, “I’m sorry!  That’s not what I meant to say at all!”
  2. I went to the pub with my wife, unborn child, and my dad.  We couldn’t figure out why the place was so packed at 5:30 on a Thursday, with an Olympic symbol made out of hula-hoops and balloons everywhere, until we readthe note at our table about some local Olympian being sent off to Vancouver that night.  CHCH news showed up and did a live bit while we were eating, so we watched the festivities on the big screen and tried to see if we were inadvertently being broadcasted in the background.
  3. I was informed that I could be competing in a martial arts tournament in the spring sometimes.  My sensei is organizing it, and it will be ITF Taekwon Do rules, so I won’t be allowed to kick to the legs.  That worries me, since during sparring I begin, end, and interject every combination I throw with leg kicks.  I predict that I will be kicked in the head a lot if this tourney goes through.
  4. I met the world’s creepiest man, and he was a supply teacher.
  5. I discussed the gender, socio-economic, and artistic ideological assumptions that were present in Men’s Health magazine with a bunch of grade 8 students, and they completely blew my mind right out my ears.  It was like talking to a bunch of post-grad students that hadn’t hit their growth spurts yet.
  6. I found out that someone I know has climbed Kilimanjaro.
  7. I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op and only spent $6.00.  (I should get a medal for that one.)
  8. For the first time in months, I felt like I was actually doing something of value.  Students are good for that sort of thing.

And, just for the fun of it, here is the test page for the graphic novel I am writing.  It came about from many discussions about the name Luke Steel (the name of one of my friend’s children), and how dynamic an super-hero-esque it is.  He was followed by another friend’s child (Caleb Dark, who obviously will have to be the villain), and then Luke’s little brother, Joshua Steel.  It will also feature the two Wiesner boys, Dylan and TBA (possibly imbued with psychic powers), as well as my daughter, who is also unnamed, but who will totally be a ninja.

What diabolical plan has Caleb Dark hatched up this time?