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The author's baby girl.

Once upon a time, a young couple decided that they wanted to have a baby together.  They felt sound and secure enough to bring a child into the world, their friends were starting to have children, and they knew that they were ready to be parents.  They looked forward to seeing a little one in each other’s arms, to hearing a baby’s voice in their house, to watching the little one grow.

Each month they would say to each other, “When we get pregnant this time, our baby will be born in the winter,” or “When we get pregnant, our baby will be born in the spring.”

Then it became, “If we get pregnant this month, our baby will be born in the summer, when it’s hot and sunny out all day,” and “If we finally get pregnant this month, we’ll have a fall baby.”

And then it became, “Are we ever going to have a baby?”

They cried many tears after every month without a child.  17 times they were left hollow and empty, wishing they knew why God was not giving them their child, more than a year of frustration and disappointment.

Even with the help of a very talented Magician, they still did not have a child, and the couple felt very close to losing all hope of being parents.

Then one day, after the Magician had worked very hard and concocted all kinds of potions for the couple, the wife came to her husband with a stick she had recently peed upon.

And she asked him if he wanted to be a father.

So that Christmas, the couple got to stand by their tree and imagine the little one that would be with them in the new year.

As they thought about the story told of another young couple, some 2000 years ago, waiting for the birth of their child, the man thought long and hard about the gift growing in his wife’s belly.  He thought about how the couple from long ago were waiting for a very special child, a child that would change the world, but still a child that they would love without limit as their own.  He thought about how that child needed to be exactly as it was, born exactly when it was meant to, formed precisely to be the male child that it had to be in order for it fulfill its destiny.

And a realization came to the man.

The flutter in his wife’s belly was there because it was the one that God wanted them to have.  Not one of the seventeen other children that could have been were the ones meant for them.  Just this one.

The man thanked God for the perfect, beautiful, intended baby girl He had given them.