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The editors of Cracked.com suggested this approach. I quite like it now that it's done.

Cracked.com has a really cool way of finding new writers for their site.  You sign up to be a contributor, and if they like what you do enough, they’ll feature it on one of their main pages.  Considering they get millions of hits, it’s a darn good place to get some exposure.

My brother turned me on to this idea, and I recently went through an interesting editorial process with some of the administrators of the site.  They liked my “Elves” page and gave me some direction for sprucing it up, and they moved it into a virtual pile of ideas called “Topics We’re Thinking About Featuring.”  Considering it is the first thing I have submitted to them, I’m happy it even made it that far.

After making the suggested changes, I received another message, but this one was from Jack O’Brien.  The tag line for his forum avatar (this is all happening on a forum for prospective contributors) is: “I am the Editor in Chief of Cracked.com (like the Editor but with more feathers in the headdress).”

Again, further editorial direction, but now I am terrified because it is coming from the head honcho at the site.  The stress of trying to make a good impression on him led me to miss several hours of sleep and may have manifested itself into stabbing abdominal pain (although that could have been last night’s garlic bread).  I worked all morning to do everything that he asked, so hopefully I can at least get my name out to people there, if not get this article on one of their main pages.

So now I wait.  If they like it, they do something with it.  If they don’t, it stays in the bowels of their site (which means that it still gets more attention than anything on Exercising Monsters).  Still, it’s nice to be noticed for something you made.

Check out my fully overhauled Elves article at Cracked.com by clicking here.