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Apparently, Baby is now the size of an avacado and is developing taste buds.

My wife can feel our baby moving.

While I am very excited by this, I will also point out that I am very jealous.  To me it feels like the baby is already playing favourites.  Baby clearly wants to make Mom happy right now, but isn’t interested in letting Dad in on the fun.

All last night I sat on my couch, arms folded angrily while my wife said things like, “Oooh, Baby’s on the left side now.  Tee hee, there’s Baby again!”  (Yes, my wife says things like “tee hee,” particularly where Baby is concerned.)  No matter how hard I tried to feel said movement through her belly, I couldn’t get anything, especially when she started laughing at my attempts to feel the baby using my lips (“They’re more sensitive than my hands!”).  And when I tried to hear Baby (who I imagine can probably say a few words by now, at 4 months in utero), my wife’s stomach gurgling complete drowns it out.

Yep, I’m the outsider already.

Luckily, I find time to talk to Baby alone while Erin is asleep and can’t interrupt us.  We discuss things like The Lord of the Rings (Baby thought The Two Towers was the strongest movie but the weakest book, while I think that The Return of the King was better in both cases), “The Ultimate Fighter” (Baby thinks that Marcus will beat the odds and take out Roy Nelson in the finals, while I insist that Big Country has this one in the bag), and ice cream (we both like mint chocolate chip).  Based on our conversations, I’m fairly sure that Baby won’t care very much for country music, but will probably have my wife’s tendency to sing along with everything on TV (including commercial jingles).  And when he or she is old enough to start taking Martial Arts classes, I think that Baby will be a better striker than a grappler (I’m basing that one on the excellent footwork Baby displays inside my wife).

But then my wife has to get up and go to work, and she always takes Baby with her, so I have to wait all day until we get to hang out again.

I’ve heard that most women feel like mothers the day they find out that they are pregnant, whereas most guys don’t feel like dads until they can hold their baby in their arms.  I respectfully disagree.