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Post ItI’m looking at a post-it note on my computer screen.  (Under my computer screen, really.  If it was on the screen I wouldn’t be able to see my Messenger window pop up to tell me that I can get cheap meds to enhance my manhood.)  The post-it note is telling me that I can reach 150 pages today.  I printed off page 136 yesterday.  To accomplish the goal that my post-it confidently asserts I can do, I will need to have the most productive writing day I have ever had in my life.

I read somewhere that if you want to achieve your life goals, you should write them down.  I read somewhere else that you should write them down a hundred times each.  I can only guess that by writing them down that many times, it forces you to pare out the less important goals (because who really wants to write down “I’m going to stay on top of that fuzz that keeps growing up on the back of my neck that my wife finds really repulsive when I wear a crew-neck shirt” a hundred times over?).  Somehow, through mystical powers or blunt-force trauma to the brain, you will be able to achieve these goals.

I don’t think I have time to write out this goal a hundred times.  I’m counting on the magic inherent in post-its, the same magic that allows them to effortlessly be applied, then reapplied, to any surface without failure or residue, to somehow make this goal come true today.  Emily Rose is counting on it.

Note:  The post-it note just fell off my computer screen.  Should I be worried?