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My brain won’t shut down.

I wish that it would.  It tends to leave me lying awake at the very smallest hours of the morning, whirring away with ideas that (for the most part) should be dismissed, then burned, then stomped upon, then scattered to a very violent and unforgiving wind.  It keeps me from pleasantly enjoying peaceful stillness, from being able to eat alone without a book in front of me, from watching any but the most visually stimulating movie without a pencil and pad of paper in my hand.

I was never identified with ADD as a child.  In fact, I was a very focused and studious student for the most part, a teacher’s dream.  Now my wife is convinced I should be on medication.

This constant mental action is now trying to get out as a novel.  Apparently, my brain has been hashing out a plot-line about which I am being given only the barest outline.  It then forces me to sit for long hours in front of a computer screen, hijacking my hands and conscious reasoning, and pours out something that I can only call my own in the way a gardener might lay claim to having produced a carrot.

My brain, however, is not sated.  It has demanded another outlet.  And this is it.  I think.

We’ll see what it decides I will be doing for it next.